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Robert De Carlo

Robert De Carlo



Born and grew up in Sliema, since child had a flair for drawing and anything that is in the art of creating images. I remember my parents got me my first point and shoot camera, a Canon Prima, still film at those days. The excitement of pressing that shutter button to freeze time in a picture. Today I still feel the same about making pictures. Whether it's using a camera or painting, it's enormously rewarding as I see anyone viewing my images getting some kind of emotion out of it. Being the creative kind, I had to find a carreer to match. Nope counting numbers and book keeping wasn't one of them though I took Accounting as my favourite choice of subject at school since everyone told me that no one can make a living out of drawing and painting. I just had to prove them wrong when a little voice whispered the word 'design' in my head. Luckily for me I attended design school where I develped a heart for creation and aesthetics. I took interior design as my primary expertise. About eighteen years ago, found work as an apprentice and assistant to an established designer, gaining a lot of valuable experience in the field. Until then I managed my way to go freelance. Meanwhile, I was introduced to drafting and CAD which opened a new world for me. Though nothing compares to that beautiful line work that freehand drawing can produce, I just find it so amazing how much technology has developed in being able to produce extremely realistic imagery. Along the way, I had to know it all. I learned CAD and how to do everything with it, that led me to master other software like Photoshop and 3ds max. Today, I do enjoy passing what I know to anyone who shares my same passions for design and imaging. The best thing about all this is, I just enjoy every minute of it, I just enjoy creating imagery whether it's to improve one's life or just for fun.
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