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Robert Rath

Robert Rath

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My '1000 Days' project began as '366 Days of 2012' ... At the beginning of 2012 I decided I would publish one really good image everyday for every 366 days of 2012. At day 367 I simply moved the target to 1000. My rules are quite simple. Rule No. 1: The image must be a fresh exploration of a genre and not another version of something I have done before in the project. Rule No. 2: The image must be fresh. Preferably taken the same day or just a few days prior to publishing, Rule No 3. An image MUST (should :-) ) be published every day except when outside of technology range in which case images from that out of range period must be published in addition to new work in a reasonable time (days) when I return. This project has become a wonderful record of both 2012 and beyond as 2013 unfolds for me. It is not just another collection. If you happen to have read this far please take the time to look at the images in my set '1000 Days' and let me know what you think in the comments. Thank you for stopping by and kind regards to you, ... Robert Rath 2012/2013
Moii Photographia
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Ustun Ozen
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Yves Kubli
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Rebecca Ramaley
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leighton willox
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Jodie Alaine Parker
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Vectory Floor
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Matteo Rizzi
Photos 36
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