Bottleshot: before the wine goes down, it gets framed

Published February 14th, 2012

Pinterest has gotten crazy hot recently. I just got into it and was really excited at the possibilities and addictiveness of the culture. The easy capturing of randomly discovered to painstakingly research content on a personable friendly pasteboard is just too attractive to pass up. It feels like a sketchbook to me, one that I can share with my friends and publicize if it calls for it.

So with Pinterest as a sounding board in mind, I've started a fun project combining my two pastime obsessions: wine and photography. The idea is that whenever I'm opening a bottle at home, it's getting shot! I'm especially fond of the 4400k-ish light in most of my place, and it just happens to complement the wine, reflections, provide nice bokeh, and give that overall warm memory that accompanies the best wines I've had with some of the best meals.

The series is being posted to my Wine board on pinterest: http://pinterest.com/robkistner/wine. Has Pinterest inspired any side projects for you? Let me know!

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