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VUS:Photography by Elena and Roland Obermeier

VUS:Photogra... Obermeier



www.VUSunLimited.com Born and raised in Bavaria, a Hotelier living now since over 15 years in Dubai, Marketer and enthusiast Travel Photographer. 50 countries, over 300 cities and counting. Most I enjoy photographing land-, sea- and cityscapes. Also enjoy wildlife photography like the gorillas in Rwanda, was lucky enough to do some in the Serengeti but others like the great white breaching in South Africa, leopards, tigers, diving with whales sharks are still missing... long bucket list and growing daily with all this amazing photography being shared on sites like 500px. You can also find me on Facebook, Google+ and Linkedin but I stopped trying to get a blog going, or Twitter. Started off with film years back, got bored very quick and didn't continue photographing. Later I discovered digital photography and had to have the hottest gadget on the market right away Canon EOS 1Ds Mk II. Started adding on some lenses but while the speed was a WOW for sports photography I didn't like the resolution much which is why I upgraded later to the EOS 1 Ds Mk III which I enjoyed a lot more. For years I've been waiting for a higher resolution Canon now and since I didn't want to buy a Nikon D800 E I started researching medium format solutions during a 3 months break traveling through the USA National Parks. After well over a year I finally made up my mind it had to be the Phase One 645 DF with the iQ280 back. Stunned with the detail and dynamic range. Need these large files since we print them up to B0 size.
  • Canon EOS 1 Ds Mk III
  • Canon EOS 1 Ds Mk II
  • Canon PowerShot S 100
  • Canon PowerShot G1X
  • Phase One 645DF+ iQ180 soon iQ280
  • Canon EOS 5DSr (2)
  • Canon EF 24-105mm f/4 L IS USM
  • Schneider Kreuznach 75-150mm LS Zoom f/4.5-f.5.6
  • Schneider Kreuznach 80mm LS f/2.8
  • Schneider Kreuznach 28mm LS f/4.5 Asperical
  • Phase One Extenders
  • Pro Photo D1
  • Kessler Timelaps Gear
  • Really Right Stuff Tripods and Ballheads
  • Manfrotto Tripods, Monopods and Still Life Table
  • Lee Filters

Rub Al Khali, The Empty Quarter.......

Published October 5th, 2013

Something I seem to have kept from my childhood, I'm fond of Sandboxes. In this case the one and only supersizes Sandbox Rub Al Khali, or as we were told in Geography lessons "The Empty Quarter". Man, they should have told me this place is soooo awesome and I would sure have kept more of the lessons...

Imagine, today I spend quite frequently a day, two, three roaming around in Rub Al Khali with the brand new Phase One 645DF+ iQ280 generating 80 megapixel small images or multiples wrapped up in a nice panorama. Some of the photography here was still taken with the iQ180. The fact that Adobe doesn't support yet the iQ280 RAW files doesn't make the workflow easier. Seems we're using C1P more in the future.

Rub' Al Khali also known as "The Empty Quarter" is the largest sand desert in the world. This largest of all "Sandboxes" stretches over much of the southern third of the Arabian Peninsula, including Saudi Arabia, parts of Oman, the United Arab Emirates and Yemen.

650,000 square kilom ...

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Dubai City of Gold, or as one movie calls it Ci...

Published October 4th, 2013

Since quite a while I was looking for my favourite Dubai skyline location. Tried the one or other eg the Triangulation spot of Daniel Cheong but finally found one still hard to be found.

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