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RomanDA Photography

Hi there!

My name is David, I like long walks, watching the sun set.. oops wait, wrong website....

I have been taking pictures my whole life, but i have only really been serious about photography for a short while,
but in that time it has come to mean a lot to me.
I love taking photos of things, and places, not so much people as they like to give big bald scary looking guys strange looks when said scary bald guy is trying to take photos.

I am looking at ways to expand my talents, and always interested in taking shots of new things.

What Can RomanDA Photography Do for you?
First off, let me say if you are looking for a wedding photographer, or someone to take shots of your adorable baby or kids, I'm not the guy for you!

BUT, If you are looking for some kind of specific shots for a special present, then let me know. I'll see what I can do.

Do you like trains, or trees or old buildings, sunsets, cars, boats?
Maybe a one-of-a-kind photo for your office, or home to show this off?

I recently completed a project for a friend who wanted photos taken of a certain type of structure (cant go into the details as the present has yet to be delivered!). So i went around the area and found a bunch of these "structures". Took a bunch of shots, let her narrow them down some.

I'd Love to do some more of these. And I'm sure we can work out a price that wont break the bank!

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