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My Affection Rating Has Reached 200

Published October 30th, 2011

Yesterday, my affection rating reached the 200 mark. When I joined 500px, I never expected to see that happen. I have worked hard, viewing the photos of others, commenting on them, favoriting them, and voting on them, and it has paid off. Not a day goes by that I don't have emails of support for my work. Now, I think I'll set my next goal at 500. That's a stretch, but I'm beginning to feel a lot more confident with my work. It's taken a long time, and I'm not 100% there yet, but my confidence has soared in the past couple of months. They say that when you take a picture, you should know what the story is that it will tell. In many case, I do. But probably in more cases, I don't. That's where I find myself struggling. In fact, if I knew why I was taking every picture, I doubt I'd take so many. I previously reported that I was working on my style, and I continue to search for the best way to manifest "ART" and "SOUL". Stay tuned as I mature in my photographic excellence.

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Christopher Justice  almost 5 years ago
I agree with Tyson. Keep up the good work Ron.
Diana Tula  almost 5 years ago
Hello Roland. Congratulations! Your work is wonderful, it gives me a feel of a vintage vibe. Please keep on posting more of your work and I hope that 500px community will continue to encourage and inspire you :))
Neil Bryars  about 5 years ago
Well done Ron! Keep it up.
David Heaton (inactive)  about 5 years ago
I hope you reach your 500 goal, i'll help where I can. You've had 4 times as long as me improving your photos as I only got interested in photography about a year ago but it definitely shows with your great photos :)
Tyson Randall  about 5 years ago
I really like this post. It kind of summarizes my attitude and experience as I first got into photography and especially as I started using 500px. I feel I've really found my style, and I really visualize my subject and try to understand what my final product will be before I snap the shutter. I've also found that the first several hundred votes come slow, and you really have to earn them. As you develop your style and create true art you'll find that the votes come rather easy. (I've also come to understand that there is no real thing as BAD photography, even though the photography found on 500px is of the highest caliber on the web. You just have to look at people's work as they did. Often times they photograph their passions and things that are dearest to them. And while those subjects may have never piqued our interest, we have an opportunity to see the world through the artist's eye and savor a small taste of their life's passion.)