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Ron ter Burg

Ron ter Burg



Ron ter Burg is a dedicated Dutch Landscape photographer. Since 1991 Ron is addicted to landscape photography. His specialties are the landscapes in the north of The Netherlands. The beauty of nature is his source of inspiration. He tries to reflect the feeling of the moment by good compositions and beautiful light.
  • Canon EOS 5Dmk2
  • Canon EF 17-40
  • Canon EF 100-400
  • Gitzo tripod
  • Kirk ballhead and L-plate

Foggy Autumn Morning at the Drentsche Aa

Published October 28th, 2012

It was a cold morning and the water of the Drentsche Aa was relatively hot. This means fog above the the water and great circumstances for some lovely landscape pictures.

I wanted to go to this spot for a long time. I often walk with my wife and dogs at the National Park The Drentsche Aa and always pass this location. This spot fascinated me because you have a nice view on the winding stream of the Drentsche Aa with a solitary tree in the background.

I wanted to take this picture on a foggy morning with nice light and a some beautiful clouds in the sky.

According to the weather forecast this morning could be the morning with the right circumstances.

So I went to this location to try it for the first time in the circumstances I had in mind. No guarantees that it would "work", but I was eager to try this location.

When I arrived I knew I made the right choice. The only this that concerned me was the solitary tree. It almost disappeared against the trees in the back ground.

I viewed t ...

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The first cold Autumn morning in 2012

Published October 21st, 2012

This morning was the first cold Autumn morning of 2012. Yesterday at 4:49 PM the astronomical Autumn started official here in The Netherlands and Autumn showed directly his best side. Yesterday evening I noticed there was a lot of moist in the air. The half moon in the sky was veiled by the moisty air and I knew I had to go out early this morning because there was no wind which means a foggy morning.

I woke up at 6.00 AM and had to hurry to the location I had chosen for this morning. Sunrise was at 7.22 AM and I wanted to be there at least 45 minutes before sunrise. When I drove to the Onlanden I noticed the clouds were already turning red. Normally I have plenty of time to drink a cup of coffee and eat some breakfast, but not this time. It was playtime from the start and the day started very colorful.

When the sun rose above the horizon the clouds in the sky were very special. It looked like the sun was pushing out waves of light towards me. A very special sight. The V of the dark cl ...

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Sunset at Lake IJssel

Published August 12th, 2012

Yesterday I made a trip to Noord Holland to the windmills of Schermerhorn. I wanted to shoot some Dutch culture pictures just in the middle of the day for my stock agency.

At the end of the day I drove to the other side of the Lake IJssel and ended at the dam near Stavoren.

I didn't have dinner yet, so I ate the remaining currant buns for diner during my walk at the top of the dam where sheep were grazing.

Somehow I didn't watch my steps and ended up into the sheep droppings. When I crawled over the rocks I saw my trousers to my knees were totally under the sheep poo, so I had to wait for the sunset in a heavenly smell...

Landscape photography is a tough job...

Some technical stuff:

Canon EOS 5D - EF 17-40 F4 L at 17m. Lee ND 0.9 graduated filter, ISO 50, F16 and 0,8 sec.

Have fun out there!

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Zwarte Haan

Published July 30th, 2012

Yesterday evening I went out for another photo-trip. I wanted to go to a spot at the IJsselmeer. I didn’t exactly know which spot, but I would let the light lead my way.

On my way to the IJsselmeer I saw the clouds move from the south to the north. I assumed at sunset the clouds would be gone at the IJsselmeer. In the north I saw beautiful high clouds in the sky, which would turn red after the sun had set behind the horizon. I decided to change my plans and drive to Harlingen where is the port to the Isles Terschelling and Vlieland. On the south side of Harlingen is a small beach where I would try my luck. There is a big dam with the church of Harlingen and the town itself in the background.

When I arrived at this spot I saw the statue “De stenen man” (the stone man) was under construction, so this place was also not an option for good pictures (I should have done a better preparation…). I had to change my plans again.

I knew a place at the Wadden Sea which I had visited a long tim ...

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A summer evening at Wierum

Published July 29th, 2012

Recently I visited Wierum on a warm summer evening. Wierum always has a great attraction to me with the old Maria church from around the year 1200. This church is the typical landmark of Wierum. When you are at the Waddensea you can see it from a great distance.

This church used to be in the centre of the village, but due to lots of heavy floods the northern part of the village disappeared into the sea.

To prevent the sea flooding Wierum and a lot of other places in the north of the Netherlands a heavy dike is build at the seaside of the Waddensea. The church behind the dike is what fascinates me. I wanted to capture this in several ways.

The warm light was great that evening. This is what I like in summer. The summer evenings with warm light are very long. You have plenty of time to take the pictures you want in the beautiful way.

Wierum has around 500 inhabitants, but in the summer there are a lot more. Lots of tourists stay during their vacation in Wierum to enjoy the beauty of N ...

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