Ron Wanderer

I have traveled throughout my life, I have seen many things, I have met countless people, I have had tons of hobbies, I have been loved, I have loved, I am loved, I am in love, I have philosophized, I have been creative, I have been wild, I have been conservative, I have followed, I have lead, I have been on top of the world, I have been in the gutter, I have been molded, I have guided myself, I have debated, I have discussed, I have heard thousands of opinions, I have shared thousands of opinions, I have been moved, I have been inspired, I have fallen, I have risen, I have laughed, I have been sad, I have been helped, I have helped others, I have shared, others have shared with me;
and over the days, weeks, months, and years, I have slowly become a product of my own experiences!

"Hi, I'm Ron, and it's nice to meet you."

I can see in your eyes, that you too, have had similar experiences, may I take your picture?

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