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Roozbeh Feiz

I AM born in Iran. My childhood was a dramatic mixture of war (Iran-Iraq), cancer (my mother got sick for years) and isolation (we moved out of our hometown due to war and not only dislocated from my hometown but also later lost my mother). One may think that these have nothing to do with photography; however I believe they are strongly linked to the person that I have become. I have experienced these extreme conditions with all the sensitivities that as a child I could have had. The result has been paradoxical. I am still that lost-isolated child, yet have grown up into an adult who militantly wishes to see the down of the arrangements which are creating social, ecological and moral crisis in many parts of the world.

THERE IS no limit for art. No agent, no matter how big or strong, can define "good art" or "high art". Same goes for photography. You take a photo with the minimum amount of "cognitive spice" in it and that's it. You have produced an art. Saying that, does not mean that I do not have favorable forms of arts, or photographs. My favorite photographs are the ones which allow me to "experience". Experience is the keyword. A good photograph is a platform of experimentation. It allows its audience to experiment innovative or interesting assemblages of colors, patterns, curves, textures, objects, perspectives, concepts in any abstraction levels with any metaphoric or symbolic complexity. And this platform of experimentation does not have to create uniform effects on its audience. Photographs (as all other art forms) can be platforms that allow us to discover new forms of seeing, feeling, thinking, or even not-seeing, not-feeling and not-thinking. A good photograph allows you to explore something new, break something old, or highlight something less cared for.

HUMAN BEINGS are complex social beings. They have consciousness, intention and personality and behave in extra-ordinary idiosyncratic ways. No one is really typical. Whenever we see another human-being our first feeling should be “wow!” and should be ready to get surprised by the unique and rich stories that she can tell us. I am in 500px to get surprised.

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