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WHAT am I doing on here?

Published July 26th, 2011

Amazing!!! Some of the photos here are simply fabulous! What am I doing here? Not sure, at this point except I hope to learn some things about photography. Hoping people will be kind and give constructive criticism, since I am an admitted learner.

I am just an enthusiastic amateur, who has a decent eye most of the time. Always played with art in some form or fashion, and this is a new outlet for me. I have always loved photography, was just too busy with raising a family, being a teacher, and playing music professionally to really focus on learning the basics. Now that we are semi-retired in the mountains of northern New Mexico, I carry my camera everywhere I go. The landscapes here are spectacular, and wildlife abounds.

Will people be kind and helpful, or snobbish and condescending??? I've yet to find out. I have thousands of photos on Flickr, and thought this might be a step up. Not a place to download just EVERYTHING, but the best of my shots.

So, give me a break, offer kind criticisms and TEACH me something! I'm ready!

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Roz Garland  over 5 years ago
Thanks so much, Darren! In answer to your blog comment re social networks, I guess I will download most everything to Flickr and just the better shots here. I joined Google + but now don't know what to do with it....really want to learn HDR that look! Facebook junkie here because I've been able to reconnect with many past students and friends....interested in trying to find some decent online photography classes.....thanks for the kind words!
Darren Hester  over 5 years ago
Welcome Roz! Like you I'm an amateur photography. I've really enjoyed my time on 500px. At first I was intimidated because my work isn't anywhere close to the majority of photographers on the site. But I've found everyone to be extremely helpful and encouraging. If you are passionate about photography (which you obviously are) you will fit in no problem :-)