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Lance McCoy

Lance McCoy



During the past six years, I have taken a great interest in all kinds of photography. Currently, I have enjoyed going on both day hikes and extended backpacking trips with my camera always nearby. Being able to catch various Pacific Northwest moments has been thoroughly rewarding and I am grateful for my time in some of our great forests, rugged coastlines and mountain vistas. Much of my time is spent in the Olympic National Park, as well as the surrounding Olympic National Forest. I have been visiting these places on the Olympic Peninsula since I was a boy. It never gets old. I hope to continue learning more about the incredible art of photography and perhaps someday employ myself full time as some of you have! On a more personal level; married for 31 years with two children. I played soccer for 27 years and coached the sport for 35 years. I have a sense of fair play. It is fun to laugh out loud.....just because. Seriously, why be so serious? When I engage in anything, I am all in. Learning is fun, but sometimes frustrating too. Learning how to fail many times over, makes for "better" later on. Being in the fog is the best. Feeling the burn on my legs after a tough hike makes me feel alive. Taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean can stay with me for weeks. Sitting in a soft cushion of emerald colored moss is a bit of heaven on Earth. Of course this applies if moving water is near. Complicated things like cell phones make me want to tune out. They are a distraction to real interpersonal communication. I do not like them.....but I have one. I am one of you. Peace on :) Thank you for taking a moment to have a look at my original photography and please do not use any of it without my written permission.
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