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Rui Caria

Rui Caria

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Castaway Javier Sansó, sailor at the Vendée Glo...

Published February 5th, 2013

Photos were taken at the portuguese air force military base in Terceira Island, Azores. Most photos showing Javier telling the story to the people that rescued him.

"It all happened so quickly. At around midday yesterday I was sailing upwind in around 20 knots from the NE and had just sent a report to the Race HQ giving my position and how all the energy systems were working well. Suddenly, when on deck and about to let out a reef, there was a sudden bang that made the boat the boat shake and the boat heeled over suddenly, which threw me in the water before I could react. From the water I saw how the boat continued to heel over fast and then roll. I was able to swim up to the transon and activate the life raft, which I got into. I remained in the raft all afternoon and well into the evening. I made the most of the daylight hours to try and dry out my clothes a bit. But due to the strong swell, was unable to tie on to the boat so quickly started to drift away from her.

At 1800 I ...

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