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Night Lights with the X-E2

Published December 6th, 2013

Took my X-E2 out for a first test drive. I was taking advantage of the available light in the night lit city. Street lights, electric billboards, store fronts, etc. All taken with the 35mm almost always wide open, iso between 800 and 3200 and shutter speed between 60 and a 100th, handheld – it was much darker than it seems.

With this in mind, I am pretty happy with the first images. I just love the exposure preview when shooting like this. AF is super fast now, too. But IS on camera should be a must for future updates of the line. Tried some shots at 1/30, too, but it was very hard.

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Fear and Loathing at the End of the World

Published October 7th, 2013

When I got fed up with everything a few weeks ago - my work, myself, my everything - I packed my cameras, a pillow and a sleeping bag, jumped in my car and set out towards the Sea. After five hours on the road and countless Pearl Jam Songs I arrived at the North Sea in the middle of the night. It was dark a I couldn't see anything but an old lighthouse in the far. I stood in the darkness at the beach for hours, took deep breaths and lost myself in the countless stars of this night.

After a few cold hours of sleep in my car, I stood up and got back to the beach to catch some nice images at sunrise. But it kept being cloudy and in the end I have to admit, I couldn't flee my melancholy, that seemingly invaded my images too. I felt like this was the end. My only friend, The End.

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Forgotten Summers

Published May 14th, 2013

Last week I visited an open air pool, I used to hang around at when I was about 10 or 12 years old. The old pool is closed. Now they made it into a Café and the pool itself is only filled with a foot of water, just so that you can cool your feet in it. Back in the day the admission fee was still a quarter and the wonderful vanilla ice-cream cost about 50 cents.

You can see how old everything is and how many stories took place at this ground. Rust and gravel seem to take over but it's interesting how the colors are still vibrant and almost fight their own age. Just as my memories.

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History of a Carpenter

Published May 14th, 2013

10 years ago my grandfather died. He was a very good and passionate carpenter. He had a little garage full of tools in the garden of his house, where he built small things on the weekends. Things like chairs, little cupboards for my grandmother or anything people from the neighborhood asked him to create. When he died, we locked his garage and put the key to it in to a little box in the kitchen. From time to time I visit the little cabin and the last time I took my camera with me and tried to capture the soul of the little things he left behind.

Everything seems to vanish under fine layers of dust and time. But you can still can feel his presence, his character seems to be reflected by all the tools, the woodsticks, his pencils, the way he left things behind. I miss him very much.

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