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Sachi Villareal, Award-winning fine art wedding photographer: Shoots with a passion-filled, artsy, edgy style.
  • Canon 5D Mk 2
  • Canon 1D mark IV
  • Canon 70-200 2.8 L
  • Canon 50 1.2 L
  • Canon 35 1.4 L
  • Canon 16-35 2.8 L
  • Canon 24 TS-E

Meg and Aaron: The Broadway Wedding

Published July 20th, 2012

This wedding has everything! The glitter of Broadway, the grandeur of a Basilica, the lights of busy time square and a rock concert. Why not, It is a New York Wedding after all.

I really enjoyed Meg and Aaron's wedding. Both have corporate jobs in New York, but what made them an exciting couple is that both of them are artists in a way. Meg is a graphic designer and she organizes presentations and workshops at her office (believe me she's organized, there's a big print out at the hotel where she's dressing up with minute timetable of the wedding day hehe) she was amazing though, she pulled it off and the wedding day ran smoothly and stress free. The big surprise for me however is Aaron, I though at first that he was a conservative and soft spoken guy and I think he is but once he swings that guitar over his shoulder he just became a shred meister and oh boy their band is awesome and really brought the house down.

Best part for me is they let me and my team be creative that day, and ...

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Napoleon and Vanessa: A Magical Evening

Published July 3rd, 2012

It was truly a privilege to be a part of a wedding like Nap and Vanessa. It is one of those unique wedding ceremonies that love goes beyond the extravagance of large weddings. Their wedding was beautiful, intimate and magical.

They hosted their wedding on Nap's backyard and they themselves with the help of families and friends made a bridge over the pool for the ceremony to take place. Attached lights to the trees and had floating candles on the pool. Their family supported them the whole way by being the designer, DJ, carpenter and event planners. My photographer Celio actually told me two hours before the wedding that Nap was stil on the pool doing some finishing touches :) Vanessa our bride moved from Australia to marry the captain of her dreams. She looked divine in her wedding dress and she emanates a beautiful sexy vibe which looks gorgeous in photos. Together they are a knockout.

The evening was crisp and clear. The trees were covered with lights. The pool had candles floatin ...

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Edward + Erin = Epic

Published June 6th, 2012

I really got excited when I learned that Ed and Erin will get married at the St. Patricks Cathedral in Manhattan. It is my first time to shoot there, so I'm both excited ang a bit nervous at the same time. I've heard that the Cathedral is strict when it came to photography. No flashes, no moving around. Just stay in one place. So I made sure I prepared for the challenge. I scouted the area beforehand, bought a new camera, The Canon 5D Mark 3 to better handle the lowlight situation and I asked another photographer to be my third man to cover all the angles. Now I'm ready.

Wedding day came and we traveled to Long Island to shoot the preparation. I got a glimpse of the reception at the Crest Hollow country club and it was just gorgeous. I now know that this wedding will be Epic. The couple were blessed with good luck that day. The bridal party were running a bit late and if we got stuck in traffic going to Manhattan, it would be bad. But as luck would have it everything went smooth and ...

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Elaine + Joe. A Beautiful Chicago Wedding

Published May 30th, 2012

I was thrilled when Joe and Elaine invited me to Chicago to shoot their wedding. I haven't been to the windy city before, but the prospect of seeing a glimpse of it, shooting a wedding and visiting family. Is something that I cannot pass on.

Coming from the NY metropolitan area, there are not a lot of cities that surprise me but my expectations were exceeded when I got there. The place is huge, clean and it had beautiful architecture both old and new. The emerald vastness of lake Michigan certainly adds to the charm as well.

It's nice to see Elaine's warm smile again. I'm pleased to meet Joe too. a soft spoken and humble man but fun to be with. I was there for only a couple of days but enjoyed shooting every minute with them. We started their engagement shoot the day before the wedding shot around Millenium park and it was gorgeous. Lot's of places that inspire me to shoot, I just wished I had more time.

The wedding day was equally beautiful, we lucked out on weather and cleared out ...

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Mari and Alma

Published April 24th, 2012

I was introduced to Mari and Alma through a mutual friend and they booked me pretty much last minute, but like them destiny took its course and I'm glad they chosed me, as they were such an amazing and creative couple to work with. I believe they were classmates during elementary school and as fate would have it bonded them together again. A great example of enduring love and friendship.

They also picked a gorgeous venue to get married. The My Moon Cafe in artsy Williamsburg Brooklyn. I have to admit this was the toughest wedding that I've ever shot so far, just because I was fighting a fever that day , but the Mari and Alma's energy spiked up my adrenaline and we had fun and they allowed me to be creative and inspired.

The love and support from their family and friends made this day truly special all I could do was watch and be a witness and capture the moment.

Thank you Mari and Alma for the making SACHIPHOTO a part of your special day.

Venue: My Moon Cafe

Visit me on the web: ...

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