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James McIntyre

James McIntyre



Hobby photographer.

Truth ...

Published October 20th, 2012

Why is everybody so afraid of telling the truth on this site?

The most horrendous photographs get voted up to the top of the site by a clique of co-operating philistines and nobody says a thing. I mean, I'm all for participating, but let's have a little bit of honesty injected too.

I came to this site because I'd heard there was good photography here and it's true that there is. But there's also a rich vein of utterly horrendous photos too and the same group of people make the same useless comments on the same horrible photos and they get way more coverage than they deserve.

There's some awesome photographers on this site, but there's also a lot who really need to put the camera down, uninstall Photoshop and all those horrible filters they abuse and take up knitting instead.

Sorry if it sounds harsh, but it's true.

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