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<3 .:Love Photography:. <3

Published January 19th, 2013

The day the photography entered my life was when I was an infant. When I first observed a camera, I wondered as what it was? Firstly, I presumed it was a magic box that used to capture people inside. But gradually I came to know about the whole mechanism and felt an attraction towards photography. That time I badly desired for a camera. The day when I first held my first digital camera was the day I made it as a part of my life. I was almost 14, when I developed a passion for photography and expressed some real love for it. Very soon I ascertained that I had photography as a raw talent and should keep it up. I used to keep it close to me wherever I went, whether they were marriages, functions, get-together and school-trips. After some time I turned out to photography projects, outdoor shoots and practice freelancing. After knowing photography to an extent, I strong-willed to make it as my future profession. I aspire to become a photographer because I love to capture the beautiful glimpse of my life. I wish to capture those beautiful moments that I could cherish in future.

When I slowly polished my talent, I experienced some really great photographs. But being a good photographer required clicking some really outrageous photographs. That was the time when I started getting into the details of the subject, environment and that was the most interesting thing that makes me dedicated towards photography. According to my opinion, a camera doesn’t decide whether a photograph is good or bad, but it is the talent that the person has nurtured since he had developed that talent and that’s the most important thing I love behind my reason to become a photographer, because talent is the main factor that is judged here. I would surely stand onto my aspirations and become a professional photographer, despite my acquaintances proving photography a difficult task in the later stages. As a beginner, I had a pleasant start. Doing it as a successful professional is still pretty far in the future where I may continue to enjoy and grow. In the meantime, I would continue to learn the basics and practice but would never make a change with my decision.

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