Patagonia Lake

Published June 11th, 2013

The trip to Patagonia Lake last Saturday turned out amazing, but it almost didn't. When my friend, Jeff, and I first arrived at the lake we quickly realized that the campgrounds were full and the dirt road (we found on Google Earth) that we wanted to take was gated and locked, with a big permits required sign. All the parking areas specifically stated that they would be closed by 10pm and anyone would there be kicked out. After trying to find our own way for a while we finally broke down and asked for directions (our wives would be so proud) from the ranger at the gate. He gave us some good recommendations, and the night was saved. He also gave us a place to park for the night. We were able to get some good shots of the lake and the bridge below the Milky Way. It actually turned out even better than I had hoped. When we left Tucson it was 105 and the evening at the lake easily dropped below 65. After a couple hours nap, we got up and headed out, taking some serious detours through un ...

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