Urban exploration: Kiev metro

Published October 1st, 2012

In the Kiev subway many interesting places, about the existence of which, few people know. For example, two unfinished mothballed station part of the existing lines, through which trains pass each day without stopping, and the only system of connecting branches through which is the distillation trains to other metro lines.

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Odessa underground

Published February 25th, 2012

During a winter trip to Kiev, I decided to go for a day in Odessa. A nice town with a unique and diverse architecture, as well as the atmosphere holds in its bosom a lot of underground tunnels, the catacombs and the beautiful historical cellars systems. One of these systems and I visited. Bacchus Cellars - abandoned cellar, now demolished, Winery and Distillery. Represent a formidable system of rooms with high arches, where earlier in huge barrels insisted wine.

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