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Sampurna Sarkar

i m da human being conncted 2 u is not very down 2 earth (as too much down to earth is not suitable for dis earth)...but cultured.. sweet...simple...matured thru experience of hurdles,,, friendly to them those who r good to me. Ayesha is my nick name.
You see things that r and say,"WHY?" BUt I dream things that never were and say, " WHY NOT?"

ofcourse not mine ..but i believe.....

1. Every problem that comes in front of u is to make u realize the abilities u have, how much more u can bring out of urself. How much more skill, talent,joy,that u can bring forth.Problems make our mind, our intelligence,function

2.When u say, or hear someone say,"I luv u very much,"the typical response is, "will u love me 4ever?" The moment sum1 is in luv with u or u r in luv with sum1, that is not sufficient..We want luv to be forever.We r not satisfied that we have the luv only rt. now.

3. When a desire is fulfilled we may feel happy for a time , but then another desire comes and again we start looking to the future to fulfill it .Being happy is continually put off to the future, but happiness cannot be experienced in the future,only in the present .

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