Martin, The Naturist

Naturally. Naked. Free - My Life against the "Norm" 

Since Summer 2015 these three Words have shaped a new Way of Life for me. I was tired of finding the right Clothes again and again in Shoe- or Clothing Stores, only to be able to put them into the Washing Machine after my next Hike. Should this continue forever ? Is there not a simpler ( and better ) Way to do something good for the Nature and my Body ?

According to the Bible, the Man was created naked by God - we see this even today at every Birth, that no one is born with a Cap. Sure, in some Situations, it isn’t wrong to wear Clothes. Just imagine the Fireman who storms into a burning House or the Policeman who regulates the Traffic naked. But why should we wear Clothes during a Hike or in an Office ? After all, we are a part of the Nature and the more and more we experience the Contact, the more we are for it’s Preservation.

The Naturism would like to show the modern Man that he is a Part of the Nature and that his Thinking and Action are guided by the Fact, that he is as close as possible to the Nature. This Subculture exists for more than 100 Years, if not even longer, because the first Naturists already began to devote themselves to a Life, that was in Harmony with Nature. At the beginning of the 20th Century this was a Blessing for many People, the Industrialization had massively influenced all social Strata and our Environment. It’s therefore important for the Naturalist of the 21st Century, that not only his own Body is exposed to Nature, but also that his Environment is protected around him and that threatened or destroyed Habitats are preserved or restored.

The Naturism is a Way of Life that deliberately sets itself apart from the Constraints of Civilization and social Values and Norms. The Naturists here call for an original and natural value Formation.

So why we don’t enjoy the Nature the Way we were created ? Come along and experience your Freedom as already written in the Book "Moses" : "And they were both naked, Man and Woman, and were not ashamed." …

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