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Sanjay Pradhan

Sanjay Pradhan

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This world is a beautiful place and a perfect amalgamation of colors. From behind the lens, I capture moments of beauty and the magical blend of colors to last an eternity. For the last 6 years of my life, I am settled in Dubai.Since the past 2 years, I have started to dedicatedly nurture my passion and have been actively involved with renowned photography groups and collaborate with fellow photographers in Dubai. I have special interest in Travel ,Sports ,Food and architecture photography . As I continue to travel and explore the world, I try to immortalize landscapes, cityscapes, cultures, natives and their enchanting expressions. With my sports photography, I try to freeze moments of victory and moment of defeat and the varied emotions with each.
  • Canon 7D,Canon 600D Nikon D40,
  • 18-135mm,50mm,10-22mm,24-105mm,70-200mm,

Amsterdam City of Canals & Cycles

Published February 26th, 2012

Amsterdam one of the best places to be,these images dates back to 2011 during my travel to the gorgeous city of AMS.

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