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Santiago Almada

Santiago Almada



Wedding and events photographer based in Phoenix Arizona. I grew up in Navojoa Sonora Mexico. When I turned 14 I moved to Arizona with my family. I came back to Mexico to study Multimedia Communications at the University of Guadalajara located in Puerto Vallarta. Thanks to my University I was able to study abroad in England for a year. It was during my year abroad when I started to develop more interest in photography. It was not until than that I found out I had a passion for landscape photography. Exploring and traveling to new places is always exiting and I wish someday I can take that passion to a professional level.

Looking back

Published March 23rd, 2012

So I was looking at some studio lighting video tutorials by +Scott Kelby, and they reminded me of my first ( and best ) photography class ever. I remember joining just to try it out, without realizing it was about to literally change my life. It wasn’t until years latter that I started to take it more seriously, that I started to practice more, reading more about it, looking at tutorials, blogs, etc.

If I was taking that class today, I feel like I would have appreciated it even more, because my interest for photography has developed over the years. We had a darkroom, studios and lighting equipment and I remember not having a clue of how to use anything ( not that I’m a pro now ). What I’m trying to say is, get the most out of whatever you are doing now, learn everything you can, because it might be what you will be doing the rest of your life, you never know what’s gonna happen.

I know a passion can be developed over time, but I also believe a GREAT teacher can make the difference. ...

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Old photos growing up on you ?

Published February 29th, 2012

I don't know if this ever happend to you, but I usually use one or two photos when I go out shooting ( usually landscapes ) I try to pick the best one, but sometimes when I go back and look at that old folder, I realize I missed other photos that now look good to me. This is one example, I just found this photo I took a while ago, I don't know why I didn't use it before but I really like it now, I feel like my editing skills have improved a bit since than so I'm guessing that could be a reason why I didn't know what to do with it before.

Have this ever happend to you ?

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Tempe Photo-walk

Published February 29th, 2012

I was lucky to be part of the Tempe Photo-walk, it was a great day, I had a good time and met great people. I got “lost” from the group for a little while, they thought I had fallen into the lake or was kidnaped... lol ( Again, I’m sorry guys for keeping you waiting ).

I had found this spot, this is the photo that I was trying to take when everyone was looking for me, I had some problems doing my test shoots and since each train was taking forever to come I decided to keep up with the group.

I told my self I had to go back and retake this shoot, I knew exactly what I wanted, where to stand, and how long I was going to be waiting for a train. This time the lighting conditions were on my side. I like how this photo turned out, the movement, the reflection on the train and the sunset through the windows.

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RIP My Camera ( Nikon D90 )

Published October 13th, 2011

Me and my good friend +Shanti Gilbert. went out shooting this afternoon looking to capture a nice sunset. I was doing a long exposure photo when the sun was finally setting, the sky had beautiful colors and the waves were full of life and movement, I was very exited to see the results when I realized my camera wasn't taking the photo. For some reason the shutter wont work anymore, it will focus, and it lets me change any settings, but the menu or play buttons wont' work, whenever I get to the menu ( magically ) the rest of the camera won't respond. It got wet a couple of times before and I have been using it in different weather conditions ( snow, rain, sunny days, etc ). Any Ideas? I don't know if I can get it fixed so for now I guess it's time to practice some film photography.


Gradually, my camera started "working" again today, I tested it when I came back home from Uni, some of the buttons that were not working yesterday started to work again but the shutter was not work ...

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