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RIP My Camera ( Nikon D90 )

Published October 13th, 2011

Me and my good friend +Shanti Gilbert. went out shooting this afternoon looking to capture a nice sunset. I was doing a long exposure photo when the sun was finally setting, the sky had beautiful colors and the waves were full of life and movement, I was very exited to see the results when I realized my camera wasn't taking the photo. For some reason the shutter wont work anymore, it will focus, and it lets me change any settings, but the menu or play buttons wont' work, whenever I get to the menu ( magically ) the rest of the camera won't respond. It got wet a couple of times before and I have been using it in different weather conditions ( snow, rain, sunny days, etc ). Any Ideas? I don't know if I can get it fixed so for now I guess it's time to practice some film photography.


Gradually, my camera started "working" again today, I tested it when I came back home from Uni, some of the buttons that were not working yesterday started to work again but the shutter was not working at all, it was getting stuck or just giving me an "Err" message on the screen, I tested it again couple of hours later and found out that it was "working" again, I went out downtown to test it and take some shoots and it didn't give me any problems. All I can think now is that the humidity and the couple of times that it got wet it's messing up all the electronics.

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