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Sarita Rampersad

Sarita Rampersad



I’ve always been around cameras – my mother was FOREVER taking pictures or videos (she was almost compulsive like that) but never thought I had any particular talent in that regard. Still don’t, as a matter of fact, so it shocks me every time someone tells me they like my stuff (really – I call my friends each time to babble about it – they must be so sick of me:). I’m completely grateful that I can produce images that grab people enough for them to take the time to post or email me about them – and it proves that art is subjective – because many of the ones I thought twice about posting, thinking them to be too *bleh*, have been some of the ones that were most liked. When I feel particularly talentless, reading the comments or emails is the best pick me up EVER!:) From landscapes to weddings to more recently, food and street photography, I have come to appreciate that you don't have to choose one avenue - in both life and photography, and stick to it - sometimes the journey is a lot more fun and fulfilling if you jump on and see where you end up, and I only hope I can produce pieces that would make my mother proud. Cheers! Sarita
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