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Wandering Ofuna on Spotted.

Published September 5th, 2012

Just I got finish what my private issues end of day. be bcak to Kamakura city I must chage a contract the move my ID at final standing.

sure, it's so private but shoot was anytime,everything do it us:) I just shoot the spotted town what name a "Ofuna" had too long time I have grown here.

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The worlds in minimal of mine

Published September 3rd, 2012

Rum,Brazilian Coffee and Italian feeds my time one of the minimal things what a make it life moments by my self.

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Night on the Cafe Royal

Published September 2nd, 2012

Midnight scent the brandy and coffee by home made coffee de royal I've feel a sound with Schiller's music on night life.

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A Day : Wonderers I walkthrough the Hipstamatic

Published August 27th, 2012

non black and white, not vsco I've favorite but one other my favs Hipstamatic I'd remember a usually shoot of iPhoneography me on today with new added they product named Wonder lens and W40 Film.

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A Day : Hot'em up shoot the still moments

Published August 23rd, 2012

A day has warming too hot of the hot in my room and I'd lazy times but I just do shoot the moments of typicaly too.

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A Day : Stunning for advancing what find in a day

Published August 21st, 2012

In my things that felt a inspirations me and life from latest Instagram update follow the friendly with geotag added to photos. A day, I just did it shoot and upload to my instagram w/ geo of around lived town in my life by near experience and photo story telling on 500px made these usually 645Pro or vsco all for instgram of best combinations I'd things in a today.

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A Day : Good Morning on the Rainy Motivation

Published August 17th, 2012

A day shoot to focused by I've feel that times, so good morning of rainy moments but quick and simply.

just today will became a festival on the night what Hanabi the fireworks and Matsuri of my town into local but thunderstorms in weather report and now...stay keep my motivation why change fixes for night on good weather I'll hope because I wanna shoot more important the some Brass Bands group coming on stages of matsuri places today than these fireworks so beautiful moments.

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Blank Page

Published August 12th, 2012

A Day in my heart of the blank what taken by black and white, it's my fragments.

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Enoshima Island

Published August 9th, 2012

so many peoples who can swim,sports,meet up,enjoying on summer seasons a most famous beach what name the "Enoshima" in Fujisawa city, Japan.

just be walkthrough I've alone but too good chill'in moments can feel it any focused my shoot with some places in the Island there.

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New living what my lively minds

Published August 7th, 2012

In july, ends of the relations with girlfriend while 11years lover Augast I've started renewer of single life but enjoy and fine motivating at future think me in new room. it's I'd like hopefully, thanks supporting to family, friends and photos lover in 500px:)

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Published June 17th, 2012

We've japanese has what one of things the aminism I'd called Japaminism for anymore materials are belived the spirits and souls included Histories with closed focusing we're life on a typicaly too.

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Let it all crash and dawning a refreshes for me

Published June 17th, 2012

nothing changed thinga that came actives what feel so goodness by activism it own self to cycles.

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My Road Can Feel A Lives

Published June 15th, 2012


iPadやアプリといったソーシャル色が強いテクノロジーを日常に溢れている中、この500pxでも多くの写真がストリーム上でアップされていく。カラーだとスワイプ、スワイプ、タップ、Like,Add Favorite、スワイプ、コメント…という作業的な感情が、白黒世界ではカラーに比べ制限された写真情報のせいもあり写真だけを見るのではなく1枚1枚タップして、撮影者のページを見て前後のストーリーや撮影方法、シーンなどを想像したり楽しむ事が出来る。

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Lowpass the My Frequency

Published June 15th, 2012

One of my new experimantal by my own self things it is a 6x17 shoot on walkthough and I've taken what inspiring moments. I hope a still more minimal photography is done in the monochrome shoot the photos through this new challenge.

The imagination of shoot the monochrome and looking it feel after all and Framing to which 6x17 was restricted are very attractive challenges for my experiencing what any try shoot of life.

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Tokyo chill'in monochrome

Published June 13th, 2012

I'd shoot extra moments of the monochrome the tokyo chill it times after finished my Shidaihonzan Experience.

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The special experienced sharing by friends on 5...

Published June 13th, 2012

It is a story in yesterday's 500px. I was able to know the name of the one photograph from my friend who did one comment in Photo socialism in my 500px.

Since I do not have the career of a photograph and I havnt know many photographers. Also, I went to the library for search today the Japanese photographer's book which the friend recommended and more things came that time after read the any books, I was able to read many photographers' Photobooks and was able to find one inspiration.

well, I think that today's my one day was ordinary Wednesday if I was not Post in the comment which the friend of 500px recommends.

However, in response to influence, it acted from the friend's comment first, and acquired the factor which reads many books from the friend on the 1st called my today.

Furthermore, wonderful Wednesday which was able to find its new inspiration in the same time came and thanks for friends with 500px experiencing the day by day.

It will not be acquired by little comment of g ...

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KEIHIN - Road of the Shidaihonzan Experience

Published June 12th, 2012

the experiencing me it for learn what shoot the zen monochrome or monochromatic moments in own self and in a life stories. at the KEHIN are has 4 Head temples of Buddhist named Tsurumi's Soujiji Head Temple of Soto shu, Kawasaki Daishi Heikenji Head Temples of Shingon shu, Ikegami Honmonji Temples of Nichiren shu and Tokyo Zojoji Tempels of Jodo shu the zen buddhism of 4 temples.

these temples can feel the moments are various by own self cause be temples has insame 4 buddhism each and other, but can possibles shoot, learn, try and experimentals do it amazing natural moments in photographers kindly of zen frindly for all welcomes in mind.

and other sdvancing that experience be quiet places in temples. you known it what things one of famous issues, Japanese who has silence be like the moments for anything, everything and everywheres. so temples too.

at the experience at those places can be studied by very good concentration.It is important for it to feel oneself and the distance with ot ...

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iPhoneography Experience the MAY

Published June 11th, 2012

The month I've try doing a new challenging shoot and policy with iPhone experienced me what do shoot the monochrome. at the first inspiring that things it's I'd read one of the photobook inculded any monochrome photographers and how experiencing, experimantal and still life with B/W focused in own moments, scene, time or day by days and in a life, after all that things came a amazing think by me.

sure, colored has any awesome can feel good moments by peoples who photographers but anythings that more,more,more...The monochrome has simply what imaginations or inspired but deep things I can feel so B/W and monochrome. that truely love and respecting these shoot any photographers photos can got I've inspiring the amazing for my experience of life, music and any more my own actives day by day:)

and one issues, 6x7 not square having awesome cool as possible can too inspiring good and I appreciate natural abundance through photography in monochrome has contrast using a natural sunshine,sunr ...

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足袋 - Focused AIM the Matsuri's Powered by

Published June 5th, 2012

Mikoshi's carriers don't walkthrough the street on typicaly it's a step by step or junmping with do it dancing looking focused Lower. the body and foots are very tough and beautiful. Pleased enjoy the beauty felt by photographing by Monochrome and I think that this portion is not observed when you see the scenery of a Japanese Matsuri's Festival with a colors shoot if you have know it looking that video .

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法被 - Focused AIM the Matsuri's Fashion

Published June 5th, 2012

A Matsuri's festival is also one of the ceremonies which purify themselves. Delighting the things which are special as for the dress and it sees, the things which wear it coexist with God and this dress gives much powered.

even each person's pride or honors are embroidered much by outfits. There are a name of a town which loves an individual, which designs and lives, a name of a team, a themes and various designs.

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女子衆 - Focused AIM the Matsuri's Onago syu(shi)

Published June 4th, 2012

In Matsuri Moments, a woman is a very strong beautiful existence and people who wait for a Mikoshi along the route can feel a any charm and peacefuly for the figure of Onago syu. The woman who lives to Matsuri disguises herself as a flower and a butterfly depending on the circumstances. And that experienced the men demonstrate bigger capability in Matsuri Scene.


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男衆 - Focused AIM the Matsuri's Otoko syu(shi)

Published June 4th, 2012

The man who lives to Matsuri is playing many roles. Especially the men that shoulder Matsuri's Mikoshi the materials a very value strength, tenderness, and cooperativeness. Probably, it is equivalent to the power for developing each town at futures.

just do it I've that shoot of Extra stories a theme by AIM for Mans Activities on times, pleased do imaginations that moments sharing for you I wishes.



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DAY2 : Matsuri - 潮田神社例大祭 2012

Published June 3rd, 2012

At the final standings one of the Matsuri named "Ushioda Reitaisai - 潮田神社例大祭" in Tsurumi's Ushioda Shrine and around area, Yokohama of JAPAN. Just I'd shoot at 2nd days of experience the monochrome on Matsuri times with shoot try to closed focus for nearly faces or moving for can peoples what a feel so emotional moments or scene it. please thanks if you have interested more looking for "Set" upload the any scene.

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DAY1 : The Matsuri - 潮田神社例大祭 2012

Published June 2nd, 2012

いくつかある祭りの中でも鶴見で最大規模の祭り"潮田神社例大祭"のPhoto Stories。大人も子供も待ち待った第一日目ですが、ローカルな祭りらしくとても熱狂的で、そしてフレンドリーな時間があります。



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Published June 1st, 2012

A roll has before the Matsuri Japanese Festivals and Street on silenced night I'd shoot to moments by walkthrough in my lived "Tsurumi" town.

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Matsuri standby for us.

Published May 30th, 2012

In my town, Local the Shinto's matsuri called "潮田例大祭 - Ushioda Reitaisai" lived and town peoples who can't wait Japanese fest ones. Just do it while 1-3 on June at Tsurumi,Yokohama city. I can't waiting it too, but Yokohama's central "Minato Mirai"area has Biggest Festivals do same of days.

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Lost it 5 in I'd try Auctions day...

Published May 29th, 2012


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A Closing Behind Me the Bites Dust.

Published May 28th, 2012

Better off the Independented moments by my chosen wanderer of alives.

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Sacred Cycles the Moments of 6x7

Published May 27th, 2012

I gave myself the big Inspire for 6x7 taking a photograph again. Although 6x7 was uninstalled by 645Pro of iPhone Apps, I feel charm for the photograph(iPhoneography) life which photos various focuses throughout a period of 6x7 using it these days.

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Through the Chinatown I've focused of 645

Published May 27th, 2012

Final weekends of May, i just got inspiring to shoot and using 645 Pro / 645 or 6x7,6x6 at Yokohama Chinatown. The Yokohama Chinatown has the place most outstanding in all the Chinatowns of the worlds. Because, since Taiwanese is reigning over the core project for build places and communities, this is a place whose photographers is possible in wonderful safety and comfortable time of many visitors too.

and other one I have special things for here, The Building and Streets of Yokohama Chinatown has many very wonderful things. Details excellent in a Japanese, a Taiwanese and Chinese culture being mixed can be Focused our taken photos of moments if you visit to Yokohama City.

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Published May 24th, 2012

Potography the my own still by Moments of Mement Mori in a life. As for the end, being a prologue for reproduction and living is experience of the time of dead ends. Things that IN/OUT of minimal repetition is a theme.

It is macroscopic and is not seeing a nearby thing. It is not seeing a long distance thing by Telephoto Lens.

It is an important idea to notice things momentary that exist in their own surroundings.

photography is true memories and tell the imaginations.

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The Body Experience

Published May 23rd, 2012

they are very much to kindly for my monochrome experiencing must be lean anythings by me.

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Addictive need Hard Tensions

Published May 21st, 2012

May clossing to near, I have to build up my own tensions cause be 1(Fri)-3(Sun) on June coming Matsuri and Doubles but i have one body. one the I lived town's local Matsuri fest but that Matsuri is True Japanese Matsuri in people's who having shinto spirits. other one's are Biggest Festivals of Yokohama and around called 31th Thanks to the port "横浜開港祭 2012".

must be need anymore things of the Harmonies or Frequencies still of I've to shoot monochromatic by senses in Walkthrough the experienced for people's who moments I feel inspring it for next music albums.

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Monochrome Experiencing

Published May 20th, 2012

In my experinced, monochrome makes rich capability made to imagine. In my issues, many of photographs which I take are present iPhone4s and Apps but there are many on the theme of cheap image processing and Toy Camera emulated of digital tech, and those many do not have a theme in photography I think for it. sure it's can possible feel the moments for any...A beautiful thing is reflected finely, light is recorded in the state with the color of light, and Inspiring obtained from many photographs is a deterministic portion.

Monochrome has Freedom, A famous photographic subject which who knows, of course can imagine the moment when everyone is true.

However, many of photographs have many portions which you and me does not know, and most impressions to which it was given by Monochrome can obtain good imagination for viewers and It's a I have most respected things by Monocromatic too.

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YAMATE - Moments the beauty of silence

Published May 19th, 2012

The photograph in the uptown area in Yokohama while that is also a famous tourist place, the characteristic of this Yamate area is wonderful and very quiet and beautiful time is sharable with Nature, Histrical Architect and Lived yamate's peoples who having a High Socialities on Kindness.

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Published May 18th, 2012

In a day I had just do update the 645Pro my main used for shoot with Apps in iPhone and I have do it one my theme of shoot on walkthrough after Thuder storms has past weather a afternoon in I lived around on today.

The BONZAI has theme in my spirits, it is not real Bonzai Tree shoot. I have walked along the town after intense thunderstorm by the fine weather. still scene of BONZAI Styled which many I consider is there, and it was able to photos the time by times and wishes a contrast of the wonderful alives the plants after hard rain.

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KEIBA - The Local Horse Racing

Published May 17th, 2012

I've try shoot the experinching my own it visit Horse racing with monochrome but this day I had too difficult the shoot of monochrome befour/after a peoples who changed tensions/faces and motivations I cant shoot of one moment my iPhoneography...I'll re-try the that challenge at next too.

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The Sacred Cycles of Zen Monochrome

Published May 15th, 2012

In my self own at learn haw to monochrome in recent, I just challenge and needs experience shoot the monochrome for scene / moments to where a Kamakura area on the walkthrough shoot that time. the town has any buddhism, Shinto, Japanism each other what Thanks and Respects are peoples, life, culture, visitors, nature and all things by Japanese Zen spirits I have to shoot of monochromatic.

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KEIHIN - Industrial Overdose

Published May 11th, 2012

KEIHIN has most important one of Industrial District called "KEIHIN & KEIYO Industries Line" the Japan. Just I had shoot the one of moment on that KEIHIN Lines the iPhoneography walkthrough. the lense through and my focuses of eyed the street shoot to Industrial Overdose in Yokohama around lived peoples life and works taken by monochrome.

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