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Monochrome Experiencing

Published May 20th, 2012

In my experinced, monochrome makes rich capability made to imagine. In my issues, many of photographs which I take are present iPhone4s and Apps but there are many on the theme of cheap image processing and Toy Camera emulated of digital tech, and those many do not have a theme in photography I think for it. sure it's can possible feel the moments for any...A beautiful thing is reflected finely, light is recorded in the state with the color of light, and Inspiring obtained from many photographs is a deterministic portion.

Monochrome has Freedom, A famous photographic subject which who knows, of course can imagine the moment when everyone is true.

However, many of photographs have many portions which you and me does not know, and most impressions to which it was given by Monochrome can obtain good imagination for viewers and It's a I have most respected things by Monocromatic too.

First touch to

The books written and I've read it after felt issue the what, why, whoes shoot to monochrome photos by me. I have'nt knew photographers currently written in this book. However, photographers' who idea and actives which are photo by shoot on Monochrome had big influence on me.

  • May 20th, 2012
  • 645 PRO for iPhone
  • 4.28mm / f/2.4 / 1/20 sec

Still the Monochrome

In the May and Me, Im sctivism what nothing chaged do it like shoot in walkthrough or anything day by day. A most change is photography many monochrome.
The encounter with the monochrome world was a very interested occurrence by my life.


Issues the Monochrome

  • May 20th, 2012
  • 645 PRO for iPhone
  • 4.28mm / f/2.4 / 1/17 sec

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