Final weekends of May, i just got inspiring to shoot and using 645 Pro / 645 or 6x7,6x6 at Yokohama Chinatown. The Yokohama Chinatown has the place most outstanding in all the Chinatowns of the worlds. Because, since Taiwanese is reigning over the core project for build places and communities, this is a place whose photographers is possible in wonderful safety and comfortable time of many visitors too.

and other one I have special things for here, The Building and Streets of Yokohama Chinatown has many very wonderful things. Details excellent in a Japanese, a Taiwanese and Chinese culture being mixed can be Focused our taken photos of moments if you visit to Yokohama City.

Mixes the Spirits

Teens or Wanderers

Friendship or Relationship

Bio/Eco's roof top

Side by Side

Taiwanese feels like a Wabi-Sabi Kindly

Details has Awesome

Taiwanese Street


Eyed wide angels on street shopping

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