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Scot Baston

Whether it be action based portraiture, location based portraiture, landscapes or the energy of a beautiful wedding.. I aim to capture the feeling of truly being alive.

Zooming Feet is all about being in the right place at the right time.. positioning yourself to be where the action is.. being in the right location to get the image that is rarely seen.

I have three major passions in life, Martial Arts, Photography and Travel…

Martial Arts came early to my life, as I discovered while playing football (Soccer) that kicking the players was more fun than kicking the ball! I went through Judo, Wing Chun and Tae Kwon Do before finding the art for me.. Taiji (Tai Chi Chuan). My teacher, Nigel Sutton (Malaysia), has since introduced me to many different arts such as Krabi Krabong, Silat, Eskrima and many others.

One of my earliest travel memories was a visit to the Gambia, I remember images of vultures in the trees above the market place, and giant slabs of meat on cheap wooden tables, flies buzzing everywhere. I also remember walking barefoot with crocodiles. These memories have shaped me, a holiday is for exploration not for relaxation. In 2004 I sold my home, quit my job and went traveling the world at the young age of 32… Going from Malaysia (32′c) to Beijing (-10′c) in a matter of days. I traveled the salt flats of Boliva, blessed by a holy man on Lake Titicaca and saw Djinn in the mountains of Peru.

It was during my stay in New Zealand that my love for photography blossomed. I had been blown away by the fantastic vistas of my travels, yet I was still using my trusty Fuji compact… My Fuji had seen its best days and I decided to treat it to a new battery, but me being me I walked out of the shop carrying a nice new camera, my first SLR. I’ve not looked back since then, and I’ve noticed many similarities in my passions.. first and foremost is that no matter what you learn, you come to realise that it is the journey and not the goal that is important.

Fair weather and foul, you'll find me shooting

So welcome to my journey

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