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New Eagle Nest Found and Visit in Virginia

Published February 5th, 2012

by Scott Turnmeyer

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Hello everyone, so late last week I heard of a new eagle nest near my home in Virginia. Luckily, I was able to get permission from the landowner to come in and do some visits, so Saturday morning it was. We arrived about 9:30am to an overcast sky and a bit on the chilly side. We sat in clear view of the nest, secured in a lone Sycamore tree in the middle of a cow pasture. It seemed that maybe it was still a bit early in the season for this pair as no eagle was on the nest, which meant no eggs at this time.

After about 30 min, low and behold, a very large female flew right into the nest and performed some housecleaning. She stayed about 5 minutes or so and then flew out to the west as the male flew in over our heads with a huge amount of hay for the nest. I got a few decent shots of both, but was a bit far away for my taste.

The male then flew our about 10 minutes later and landed in a large pine tree about a half a mile from the nest, but we could easily see it because it was on a straight line of site with us and the first nest. The female soon joined. After carefully watching the pair for about an hour coming into and out of this tree it was clear that this was their second nest, and probably was going to be the tree that they used for egg laying this year. This was quite a bit farther away so I now have to determine the best course and location for photos. We'll get there. :)

Scott Turnmeyer



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