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SEBASTIAN RICH A PHOTOGRAPHER OF WAR AND OCCASIONALLY DANCE Sebastian Rich has been a Photojournalist for the past forty years. Jon Snow the highly regarded British television journalist, describes Sebastian in the forward of his first book 'People I Have Shot' as (“Probably the finest news cameraman and photographer of his time… his camera work is amongst the most sensitive I have ever witnessed” Sebastian was honored with the Royal Television Society’s Cameraman of the Year award for his dramatic pictures of war and famine throughout Africa. During his career Sebastian has filmed and photographed every major war El Salvador, Northern Ireland, Afghanistan, Sudan, Ethiopia, Lebanon, The Gulf, Bosnia, Palestine, Iraq. He has been wounded several times (now a medic), and held hostage. One of the characteristics of Sebastian’s work is the poignant images of young children that he portrays most vividly in his footage and photographs. Sebastian is a favored cameraman/ photographer with the French NGO Medicins Sans Frontiers, Save the Children, World Wildlife Foundation and all the United Nations Agencies, predominantly UNICEF. During the war in Iraq Sebastian was ‘embedded’ with the 2nd Battalion 8th Marines (USMC) a.k.a. ‘America’s Battalion” for the entire duration of hostilities and was awarded a combat citation for " a cool head under fire " Sebastian is still documenting for numerous clients the subsequent ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan. Sebastian has just completed his Auto Biography ‘Where Fools Rush In ’ www.sebastianrichphotography.com

War and Dance in New York

Published March 31st, 2013

Interview with Dance/War Photographer Sebastian Rich

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From Bullets to Ballet

Published March 30th, 2013

As a war photographer, I witnessed unspeakable acts of violence. When I left that behind to photograph dancers instead, I realized I’d saved my sanity in the nick of time.


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Defusing tension, and bombs, in Marjah Afghanis...

Published March 30th, 2013

Defusing tension, and bombs, in Marjah Afghanistan.

Chief Warrant Officer Bobby Garza, a bomb disposal expert, negotiates the thin line between life and death in southern Afghanistan. NBC's Sebastian Rich reports.


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War Photographer

Published March 30th, 2013


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