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Sebastien MANOURY

Sebastien MANOURY



Parisian Street Photographer. I came to street photography through pictures from a bygone era: Robert Doisneau, Edouard Boubat, Willy Ronis and Henri Cartier Bresson - the golden age of french humanist photography. When I started out, I did not seek to bear witness to my time, I did not wish to show the harshness of life, neither its violence; this is not my role. I believe my photographs reflect my own view of Paris. As I amble throughout the capital, I observe my surroundings. I see the Parisian soul lives on: its paved streets, colourful characters, bistros, gardens; picturesque I like to seize on camera. Paris is also the Parisians! Above all else, I focus on them, as they come and go, as life goes by... I try to seize instants of everyday life, seeking the charm of reality. And of course, that decisive moment, which makes us run, or wait, which pushes us and makes us hope, all the way to the end! So I hike at great length through my hometown hoping chance will offer up a photo, there, in front of me.
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