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Oren Seidner

Oren Seidner



Hello, My name is Oren and I am a photographer. I believe that photography and I have encountered by accident. No doubt we should have met sometime but… when I was fifteen, at a cross road, debating which stream to choose in high school, photography or music, there was something in photography which pulled me towards it. I still remember my love at first sight, which I still have, an old Minolta with a zoom on and wish a max shutter of 1/1000 and so slow, 1/15 with a bulab. I remember to this day the tranquility I felt while developing ( the film waiting, nervously holding my breath for the developer to finish working , not knowing what will if anything come out. I remember the first contact, the acid chemical scent in the lab's school corridors. Since then, photography and I have come a long way. We both studied in different institutes and met and learned both from veteran and new photographers and added new areas to my love which has only grown since my first encounter. The search for self-fulfillment and the amazing idea of working and making a living of what I love with all my heart has become a hidden goal. Photography gives me a piece of mind as I concentrate finding best compositions and paying attention to all details, small or large. I keep studying what goes in or out of the frame, whether it is nature religion cultures street studio or any other topic you may think of. Coming up with the best lighting or any personal artistic project, I wish to reach a goal; a creation a picture, there is always tranquility. My mind clears and gives way to my photography, to the camera to the light, to my real self. .
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