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Seiha Heng

Seiha Heng



Day comes and goes - starts and ends - light and dark - pain and peace - in a circle in which we live in endlessly until the last breathe of our life. How to find a moment to stop this??? I don't know. Maybe art is a way to express this feeling inside my mind. Camera gear as a medium to draw/capture this expression in the mind might be the right tools to catch the memories which appear and washed away from our short memories but the image in the camera will remain as an evidence. Exploration and experimentation is one way to express what my mind before it disappears. An artist/a photographer/designer base in Berlin. My genre at the moment is Travel - Landscape - Fine Art - Animal - Nature - Digital Art Photography. I can be reached at Thank you for visiting my profile and wish you a nice day ;-) #Berlin #Germany #Cambodia #Khmer #Art #FineArt #Europe #Landscape #CityExploration #Urban #Seihaheng
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