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Proton Pseudos

Proton Pseudos



It all began when I started so see frames wherever I look... I seriously believe that the people who dislikes a photo should give a feedback. Without a comment dislike button should not be activated and the disliker should be honest, not make a candy comment, and then dislike the photo. This is decency, thats it. Otherwise one assasinnation is enough to take a photo down, and I am sure this is unfair. Especially if someone may have a grudge on you.
Shane Brown
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Līga Jusupova
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Canan Çilbirci
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Stéphane Michaux
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Nicholas Shore
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imp bugsoff
Photos 318
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Mariya Karaivanova
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Fedor Shmidt
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Anastasia Ri
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Alper Doruk
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