Reduced Activity Level

Published December 19th, 2011

Hello all my dear friends,

I want to gravely apologize for the recent fall in my activity level, actually I have been suffering with terrible internet connection problem due to which, I cannot keep up to the activity level I used to, I am already 3 days behind in comment on your work, I am constantly trying to cover up the gap, so pardon me for not being so active to add comments on all your work.

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The Dislike Button

Published December 8th, 2011

I am not a professional, but yet I aspire for shooting the best images I can, I upload my work and within a few hours it jumps to 80+ and suddenly it falls back to 70 or 60? what is this? People for fun poll dislike votes for no obvious reason. They don't justify why they had disliked the image.

I think the system of voting be changed, when an image is voted 'dislike', a proper reason should be put before the photographer as to why his/her image was disliked and it should be put before voting of majority before 5 people voting first if they agree with the reason provided and then finally the image be voted a negative. I don't want that any stupid guy comes and polls a dislike for the sake of fun, I resent this!

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