Sergey Kazantsen

I am just a Time Traveler. Like most people, sometimes I need time alone with my thoughts to organize them, and get things straight in my head. I have ALOT of stress in my life and if I'm not able to have some down time I tend to just explode, and that's NOT good. Also with my kids I need to decompress sometimes, and be alone with my thoughts before I deal with what's going on with him otherwise I might say something in the heat of the moment that I don't mean.
Sometimes I think that I might as well be loner. I love sitting and thinking about things. It's not that I don't like hanging out with my friends and stuff...but sometimes you just need to have time out.
I have a very vivid imagination and when I sit and start thinking, I think of things which are completely impossible. And while that puts a smile on my face, it also makes me kinda depressed because I know that many of those dreams are never going to be realized.
There's a part of me that no one in the world knows. Sometimes I feel like I should loosen up and share that part of me with someone. But I have never met anyone in my whole life, who I can trust with these really private thoughts...

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