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<3 The SacReD ShirT

Published December 23rd, 2012

The idea of the "SacReD ShirT" arose from a new years eve party back in 2011. My schoolmates gave kisses to my then "ordinary" now "sacred" white shirt. Having so many kisses of my beloved ones on, I decided not to wash it. I kept in my closet until I had this idea of making it an photo exhibition/installation item jumped into my mind. From that moment I have used this shirt with all my models. Of course posing with the sacred shirt requires a big kiss on it. The depth of any kiss is really so much. For me it opened up the gateways to unspoken communication with my models.

It is a common belief that "a kiss will tell you what kind of lover you are". I mention this belief to my models, so all the kisses on this shirt (believe me or not) are made with utmost sensuality. This makes the shirt even more sacred as all the kisses here are not simple marks but carry along the passionate souls of their beautiful owners. I would like to thank once more to all of those beauties for making m ...

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