Pay attention stupid!

Published November 29th, 2012

I like this shot. It really was an accident due to my own stupidity.

While vacationing in Florida I wanted a sunset picture of Pier 60. Stupid me leaves the camera in a nice cold hotel room alllllll day... Well when I went outside the damn thing fogged up on me and when I went to get my picture it was all over.

But the snap shot I did get of it with the camera and lens fogged up is a pretty cool shot.

So the next day I swear this is not going to happen again..... YEA RIGHT! Well I had plenty of time before sunset so out on the balcony went the camera and lens.

About an hour later I decide to check out in and make sure it is ok since I do have a little bit of a walk to get to the pier.

I wasn't paying attention to the storms over the Gulf or on land for that matter. Hell it is Florida after all, rains comes and go. But when I grabbed my camera to check it out I spotted this thunder head cruising up the Gulf. Light was not all that plentiful and the single shots I did get were errr at best. But I knew some bracketed shots would do the trick and make it pop.

But had I been paying attention to what was going on outside I may have had a better picture or missed this one all together because I really wasn't tuned in to the outside world.

So I told myself to pay a bit more attention to my surrounds when I have my camera with me. But then again if I didn't pay attention the first night I wanted a sunset picture then this would have never been shot.

Thunderstorm cloud

Thunderstorm over the Gulf of Mexico.

Done in HDR using 3 bracketed shots.

  • July 12th, 2012
  • Canon EOS 7D
  • 47mm / f/8

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Awesome Account
Martha Lyle  over 2 years ago
I watch these storms often in the Keys! Great storm and sunsets!