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Amsterdam, February 2014

Published March 14th, 2014

Went to Amsterdam, for a week, for a friend's 21st. Took some photos.

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Alex's Christening

Published August 30th, 2013

Photos from my Cousin's (Alex Clarke) Christening on 25th August at St Simon & St Judes Church, Thurcroft.

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Pitiful: The Alton Towers Experience

Published February 25th, 2013

After arriving at Alton Towers, full of hope and joy and happiness for the day ahead, planned for a good friend’s birthday, disaster struck. As we vacated the car and took in the fresh Alton air, something alarming caught our attention. I thought to myself “Are those people queuing for a bus? But why?”. Alton Towers always seems to make a big deal about it’s Monorail system. I’d even go as far as to say it’s an integral part of the whole “experience”, arriving at the Theme Park entrance in style, ready for the magic.

As I sat there on the shuttle bus, from the car park to the entrance I pictured the adrenaline pumping fun I’d soon be having, checking out the wonderful gardens from the sky ride, dropping off the edge of Oblivion and building up speed on Rita faster than a amphetamine addict with a shovel. Anticipation only built further after successfully getting to ride Nemesis and Air within minutes of each other, we were truly pumped for our day out.

Unfortunately that’s about all ...

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Sheffield Tramlines Festival 2012

Published July 29th, 2012

Tramlines sprung into life in 2009, bringing together a bunch of disparate promoters and disparate ideas. 65,000 people filled Sheffield city centre to what felt like bursting point. Music seeped from every available performance space and a sense of goodwill descended like a mist on the city. Crime rates even fell on the weekend.

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Sheffield Olympic Torch Relay 2012

Published June 26th, 2012

Photos from the Olympic Torch Relay around Sheffield. Including Photos of the Celebrations and the Torchbearers.

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Peace in the Park 2012

Published June 19th, 2012

The Peace in the Park festival promotes peace and understanding by bringing together communities through artistic, musical and vocal expression. Peace in the Park is organised by a group of artists, musicians, students, events organisers and other everyday Sheffield folk, working together in a not for profit collective.

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The Mineral Line

Published April 18th, 2012

Photos from a walk down the Mineral Line.

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Urban Exploration - Crookes Valley Methodist Ch...

Published April 3rd, 2012

Photos from Urban Exploration inside Crookes Valley Methodist Church, Sheffield.

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Foggy Morning

Published March 16th, 2012

A collection of Photos from a 7am walk around my local town on one particularly foggy morning.

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