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Shane Turnbull

Shane Turnbull



Hi my name is Shane i am based in Kent in the United Kingdom. Hope you like what I do :)

Sorry for not posting much.

Published November 19th, 2011

Been missing 500px in the last six weeks as been having trouble getting your glorious photo`s to load up on my browser but hey i can finally can see photo`s on my browser again. So my regular followers and people i follow look forward to leaving comments again with your wonderful photography :)


Shane :)

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Comments From Other 500px Users

Published July 28th, 2011

I bet most photographers that share there wonderful work on 500px get a negative comment from users who do not even share there photography work on 500px and even have no profile picture.

Had a negative comment today saying nice picture shame it`s got a copyright sign on my photo. To the person who is profile pic less and do not share your work and to those who also do the same the reason i copyright sign my work is stop people like yourself`s using my work without my permission.

Do you find this frustrating as to me what right does it give them to do this !

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Let My Photographs Do The Talking :)

Published July 14th, 2011

Have been posting my work on 500px now for nearly a month now and was a little unsure at the start in posting up some of my work as what i have seen from other 500px users and also new 500px contacts of mine i have been blown away with there quality of photographs and also there compositions and how they want people to see there shot`s either by capturing the atmosphere or passing on the emotion of what they were seeing at the time of taking the photograph.

I have had some fantastic feedback since i started to post my photographs on this site and rather me keep posting thank u to each one of you on the shot i posted i thought i take this opportunity to express a big thank you to everyone who has left me some nice comments and also a big thank you also if you decided to follow me :).

Thank you !

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