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Comments From Other 500px Users

Published July 28th, 2011

I bet most photographers that share there wonderful work on 500px get a negative comment from users who do not even share there photography work on 500px and even have no profile picture.

Had a negative comment today saying nice picture shame it`s got a copyright sign on my photo. To the person who is profile pic less and do not share your work and to those who also do the same the reason i copyright sign my work is stop people like yourself`s using my work without my permission.

Do you find this frustrating as to me what right does it give them to do this !

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Shane Turnbull  almost 7 years ago

Robert a fair point u have raised and i do agree but over a watermark :).

Ed i see 500px a place for photographers to share there best photography so really there should be no reason for compliant should there. I do use other photo sharing sites for my lesser well know work and always open to my contacts to point me in the right direction :)

Edi Go  almost 7 years ago

negative comment is just another spice for you to be better. take it easy and see it from different perspective. if you only expect good comments, there wouldn't be the comment feature in the first place eh? :)

Robert Paul  almost 7 years ago

I haven't looked at your work, nor seen the comments in question, but ...

What does sharing one's work (or a lack of work) have to do with the "right" to critique a photo? I don't have to be a chef to know when my food is off, and that line only further blurs when it comes to art.

That said, complaining about a watermark, of all things, is a bit silly...