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C.H. Mondolfi

C.H. Mondolfi



I'm just an amateur who loves to take pictures. Sometimes nonsense, sometimes clever.. Most of the time I'm traveling around, so here you'll see some shots from my journeys, my likes, my surroundings and everything that might be between me and my camera. Enjoy!
  • Cannon Ixus
  • Olympus E420
  • Sony Alpha A35
  • iPhone 4 (yes, no kidding)
  • Olympus Though
  • IPhone 5S

Two Speed City

Published February 19th, 2013

Shanghai is suffering a major facelift with all the massive urban development that is being undertaken thanks to the rapid economic growth of the country. However, old lanes and alleys still prevails in the city.

These shots actually were being taken from the same spot. I just moved the angle to catch both views. Luxury and humbleness. This is not a criticism to a system, but a showcase to a reality that is changing not only the skyline of the city but as well the lives of the city's inhabitants.

I have never seen a urban environment to change so fast. Huge and massive landmarks made of concrete and glass are gobbling up houses, streets and complete neighborhoods in a matter or years. Like Saturn Devouring His Son, from Goya.

Of course, modernization brings many benefits to the people and we hope that is for the benefit of all, but new and unaware problems will raise.

It is a big challenge for the future Shanghai City of the XXI Century...

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Castaway in Tarifa

Published September 4th, 2012

Some years ago I went to Tarifa for a few days to learn kite-surfing, as this is one of the best places of the world to do it.

The only problem was that during those days the wind changed direction and kite-surf schools recommended for newbies like me not to start with this condition, as the wind was blowing away to the open ocean... (hard to come back, if you want to)

Lucky for me I brought my camara along, so I took a walk trough Tarifa's endless beaches and found this beautiful doll in the water.

Did I saved a castaway? Maybe.. Or perhaps she was just only taking a swim in the ocean... Who knows..

The thing is that she became an excellent model for my shots!

I've lost contact with her, but who knows.. you might find her still sunbathing naked if you wonder through these windy beaches...

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