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Shanghwan Koh

Shanghwan Koh



Wedding photographer based in Malaysia. Specialised in wedding photojournalist and wedding portrait. Capture all these precious moment.

Plan or surprise?

Published March 24th, 2012

Different photographer might have different method in preparation before going down to the street. I search through different street photographer blogs and some encourage do research and plan for the street walk and some other did encourage do not plan anything just get down to the street and look for candid moment.

What Do I encourage? - Get down to the street without planning

The reason that I get down to the street walk without any plan because it does not restricted me on particular subject and scene from early planning and expectation, even though it might works perfectly for stay focus on a particular subject, but as you are fully focus, you might not realise other potential shot happen around you. Besides that, a street walk without planning, you could enjoy more as there is no restriction and you just follow your feeling (This works perfectly to me, I get more best shot compare to a planned walk).

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Expensive Equipment or Suitable equipment?

Published September 11th, 2011

With the evolution of technology, photography equipment are no longer depends on analog or film. The digital camera allowed any one easily grab and shoot without any knowledge on photography, without knowing what is the correct aperture and shutter speed should apply, because the camera provide fully auto features to replace human brain and they will do all the complicated process for you.

In the past, people will talk about the skill, creativity and mindset in photography. But today people are looking forward "HOW" good is the camera performance, and "WHAT" the camera can do for them. Some of them were just typically fall into the technology stream that "Expensive and high-end camera" will make them a good photographer or even allowed them to produce good photography. Actually these people does't realize that they should stay away from the growing of technology and focus into photography, you will get what I mean about the growing of technology.

In my mind when link photography an ...

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