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Ma life into Photography..!

Published September 21st, 2012

I was just a normal person till my 10th grade. After that something kept disturbing me..! I already was a free hand artist. The thing which disturbed me was life..! each moments in it. I neede all of'em been stored. But not in memory. But something which I can show people. Then I found the only way "Photography". I just managed to buy a normal cam "not an SLR" but a Nikon coolpix L120 (Din change it till now). started to capture each moment.Then I came to know more about these camera things its terms such as aperture,focus etc etc..! I managed to study it.Then is the time i started to hear words like SLR. I din know wat it was.Finally saw one.! n reallized that they were Single reflex len cameras.! wE CAN GET THE CORRECT frame we snap.Then each photography tricks came into me. Still im not perfect :( . I donno when i wil.Now ma aim is to get a SLR as soon.Im fed up of ma present cam. But I love it a lot. It had taught me a lots of things.! :)

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vnsvishnu  over 5 years ago

ALL THE BEST bUddY........