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I am here to meet some friends not to get likes or 99.9999……the clicks and puls which come easily and quickly - those vainish even more quickly. Photograph in the first place to capture something for lasting not it? It is nothing to prove within the area (photography) what I already love. Rather I prefer someone who happen to stop by and wonder what I tried to capture through my photograph - even perhaps think what I have tried to say through my photograph. Whenever I get some time, I try to look other's work which most often inspire me to love photography even more. If I visit someone's profile I don't just like/favourite first image to push it on the top rather I prefer to browse full profile and like/favourite the pictures which I like most. Thanks for visiting and for your time. Life is wonderful - Have a great life! :-)
Faris Al Orfali
Photos 586
Likes 188326
Comments 10312
Stephane Dionyssopoulos
Photos 239
Likes 32643
Comments 1251
Danny Velasco
Photos 47
Likes 69925
Comments 8295
Ajay George
Photos 173
Likes 163877
Comments 7854
Erika A B
Photos 64
Likes 14079
Comments 900
Pierre Anex
Photos 1761
Likes 65869
Comments 3990
Mohammad Hasan
Photos 458
Likes 29325
Comments 2025
Photos 353
Likes 71497
Comments 4916
Raymond Forbes
Photos 156
Likes 24235
Comments 2922
Lilla Cotuna
Photos 31
Likes 500
Comments 26