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I am here to meet some friends not to get likes or 99.9999……the clicks and puls which come easily and quickly - those vainish even more quickly. Photograph in the first place to capture something for lasting ...is not it? It is nothing to prove within the area (photography) what I already love. Rather I prefer someone who happen to stop by and wonder what I tried to capture through my photograph - even perhaps think what I have tried to say through my photograph. Whenever I get some time, I try to look other's work which most often inspire me to love photography even more. If I visit someone's profile I don't just like/favourite first image to push it on the top rather I prefer to browse full profile and like/favourite the pictures which I like most. Thanks for visiting and for your time. Life is wonderful - Have a great life! :-) www.mirzashoaib.com
David Santos Photography
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Ekaterina Bolshakova
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Paulo Medeiros
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Isabella Tabacchi
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Dave B
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