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Aleko Shoami

Aleko Shoami



" Photography has become a way of life " - so say many on this site. I think it was difficult a few years ago that I will support this view that the picture will not give up , as all its previous hobby ... Although pressure from parents and relatives probably catalyzed cravings continue to evolve. Choose not so popular genre I decided , probably because all life as I can remember , I drew. World in front of me was at most behind a veil of my own imagination . Tom had his reasons . Although it is still my choice and I liked the world the way I wanted it to be. For a long time I was very interested in the direction of CG figure, and it is strange that I did not continue to do that. Likely to blame the camera , which appeared in our family. Always wondered how the world is reflected by the mirror as " preserved reality " on my father's film. How to change this reality , to make it like you want.
  • Bronica SQ-A
  • Canon 5D mark II
  • Москва 5
  • Canon EOS 50E
  • Гелиос 44м
  • Zanzanon 50mm 3.5
  • zeiss planar t* 1.4/50 ze
  • CANON EF 17-40 mm f/4 L USM

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