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New expedition plans.

Published March 19th, 2013

Many old photographers, including myself, remember the days of film photography with warmth. It seems like at that time I used to have more time to actually photograph then now, when I spend lots of time in front of computer screen... The winter has passed, it is almost time to depart for a new expedition, but nearly half of my last year's archive are still not processed:(

On a good side, I have almost finished a new book about photographer's life in Kamchatka.

Past Sunday I participated in a program "Otkryvashka" (Открывашка in Russian, meaning a little discovery) on Echo of Moscow radio station. This is a program for children and youth, and our subject was "Discovering Kamchatka".

You are welcome to watch it online and read the record via google translator at this link. I have announced my plans to fulfil one of my dreams, to travel to Kamchatka from my home in Bryansk forest by land. For this adventure I plan to use a military type vehicle. I plan to to take a year for the tri ...

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Планы на выходные в Москве...

Published March 14th, 2013

Ближайшие выходные у меня будут встречи в Москве.

In the coming weekend I have several meetings and lectures planned in Moscow. You are welcome to attend!

16 марта в субботу в 18 часов - встреча с читателями в Московский доме книги на Новом Арбате.

17 марта в воскресенье в 10 часов участие в передаче Открывашка на радиостанции Эхо Москвы,

а в 14 часов - лекция в Политехническом музее.


Кроме того, издательство "Самокат", выпустившее книгу "Мои камчатские соседи" просило сообщить,

что в Москву только что пришел второй тираж этой книги, и её можно купить по издательской цене (750 рублей) на выставке Книги России, которая проходит с 13 по 17 марта на ВДНХ в павильоне 57. Стенд "Самоката" - В33. Выставка работает с 10 до 18 часов.

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About Steller's Sea Eagles.

Published December 31st, 2012

This is a collection of photos with description about those birds. I will update it when I load more photos.

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Published December 21st, 2012

This is a collection of several photos of my good friend, fox that I call Cosmo (or Кузя in Russian).

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Karymsky volcano.

Published December 16th, 2012

Air way from Petropavlovs-Kamchatsky to Kronotsky nature reserve passes by Karymsky volcano. It is the smallest volcano (1,536 m or 5,039 ft), but the most "hard-working" one.

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Fish for breakfast.

Published December 15th, 2012

Salmon is indispensable part of diet of northern wildlife.

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Foxes in different seasons.

Published December 8th, 2012

There were too many bears in my blog (shpilenok.livejournal.com) during past couple of months... So here are foxes!

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Winter Kamchatka from a helicopter.

Published December 8th, 2012

These are the photos taken during different years of Kamchatka winter from a helicopter.

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