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Silvia Poldaru

Silvia Poldaru



Arnold Newman once said that every photographer’s challenge is to take a subject that has been shot an infinite number of times and make it their own. A fresh angle is always hard to find, yet there are as many different views as there are people. Mine is just one of millions and what makes it different is that it’s mine. Looking back to where my passion for photography started, I’d have to go all the way to a little village in Estonia. I remember my mum and dad developing their own films in a darkened kitchen. It still gets me nostalgic every time I smell the chemicals of a darkroom. As years passed I was taking photos of family outings and school excursions but never did I think I’d want a career in photography. That all changed at the age of 21 while living in Sweden. Having always been into art I find photography the most powerful of them all. It can show the ugliness of the world but also, through manipulation, make it the most wonderful place to exist. There are so many fellow aspiring amateurs who dream of the same thing. We all want to make a difference and somehow leave a mark or a legacy to future generations. So what makes me different? My vision of this world, of this universe and of how it all should be. And that’s not all. I’ve always been amazed by the planet we live on and I believe so many people take it for granted. We all rush through life and hardly ever take a minute to just look around us and notice the unnoticed. I find beauty where others don’t. I notice things that others just walk by. That’s all because I believe the world is there to be discovered either through a lens or through your own eyes. Maybe it’s because of my background or maybe because I love to take the time to really discover the surroundings we live in.


Published November 19th, 2011

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