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What the colour peach means in flowers

Published July 25th, 2012

Peach offers a little more friendship than the cutesy romance of a straight pink flower. Mixed with orange and yellow, peach confirms gratitude and tender feeling. On its own, the meaning of flowers in this fleshier tone is at once gentler and stronger in thankfulness. Friendship is the true meaning of peach flowers.

Looking at peach there seems to only be one shade right? Meaning of flowers is stuck on this rose, how is it supposed to come out with just one shade?Well, actually you’d be surprised how many different shades there are for that one color. Learn how to say thank you with your pick of Aphrodita, Donna, Melody, Ossiana, Versilia, Caramel, and Dumka. These flowers make any thank you an unforgettable one.

Ahhh the Rose

  • June 30th, 2012
  • SONY DSC-H10
  • 63mm / f/10 / 1/400 sec

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